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We are Melbourne Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Melbourne, Fl. As a well-established and experienced wildlife control firm, we have built our reputation on offering friendly and prompt service carried out by our well trained and experienced team. Our locally based telephone team can offer initial advice and information about the services we offer and how we might look to deal with a particular animal problem, while also able to give an initial indication of the cost. We have animal removal technicians working across the area, and can offer emergency callouts for animals inside the living quarters of your home, as well as scheduled appointments, often on the same day. We know the risks that wild animals can cause when it comes to the diseases they can transmit, along with the damage that they can cause, so our technicians can also offer the sanitation and building repair services too. Dealing with the droppings is just as important as removing the pest animals themselves, and we can also repair insulation if this has become soiled by animal droppings or urine. Looking after your home and removing pest animals is our priority, so if you give us a call we will always look to give you a service we can be proud of. Call us now at 321-280-6929 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

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Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Melbourne snake removal and prevention.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

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Melbourne Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Where do Rats Hide during the Day

Rats are persistent and sneaky creatures that we don’t want to see in our homes. However, no one can guarantee that they will be free from the dangers of rat infestation. It is recommended to conduct trapping method the moment you notice the presence of the rat. Proper placement of the trap is necessary to guarantee that you will successfully eliminate the rat. You will have to place the traps near their den. Here are some possible areas in the house where you can spot this vermin.

Common Areas in the House Where You Can Find Melbourne Rats
Rats are social creatures. They will congregate in large groups and can reproduce at a rapid rate. Once you notice the presence of their activity, there is a possibility that you are dealing with a large infestation. You will need to locate their den fast to deal with them at once. Rats love the areas in our house that we don’t normally visit. They want it dark, warm and comfortable.

The attics are the place in our house that is situated below the roof. This is often used as storage area of the items that we rarely need. It is normally isolated which makes it the excellent location for the nest of the rat. Rats are adept climbers that allow them to reach any part of our house. In case you are suspecting that there are Florida rats in your attics, you need to pay attention to the common signs such as the droppings, the scent of the urine, and scratches and bites on the walls and electrical wirings. The scattered debris and the nesting materials are also clear indications of rat infestation.

The Void in Our Walls
In case you are hearing scratches in your wall, there is a possibility that a rat is hiding inside. You should never leave them in the gap of our walls for a long time since it can lead to different risks. Aside from the fact that their droppings can contaminate our foods and water, they can also chew on our electrical wires. Damaged electrical wiring is the primary cause of fire accident. Extracting a dead rat in our walls can also be a challenge.

Our basement is another area of our house that we rarely use. Most of the time, we will stock our food supply here that can invite the pesky creatures. Basement is also dark and warm which perfectly appeals to the preferred living condition of the Melbourne rats. If the rat managed to get inside the basement, you will need to be wary on the damage that they can inflict to our plumbing system, walls, and drains, Damages on these parts can translate to expensive repairs.

These are simply three of possible locations of the rats in our house during daytime. We may also find them in the kitchen, office, garage, and in our garden. You will need to be swift in dealing with them; otherwise, you might suffer from a full-blown rat infestation.