Homemade Woodpecker Repellent or Spray Deterrent

Instead of enjoying the fruit of the tree, woodpeckers prefer to peck holes on the trunk of the trees. In case you live in a wooded area, it would be impossible not to notice the persistent drumming of this creature. They can attack the trees and the wooded portion of our house to find insects and worms. As they drill around your house, you are probably thinking of ways to deal with them permanently.

Top Homemade Repellents for Melbourne Woodpeckers
The local US residents are quite familiar with this bird. There are different species of woodpeckers and most of them are being protected under the law. After being aware on the legal aspects that are related with the control, you need to find ways on how you can remove them from your property without harming them. In this article, we will pay attention to the different homemade spray repellents and other deterrents.

Using Sticky Substance
While we do not recommend this method, there are still some people who prefer to use them since they are effective and convenient to use. In addition, they are also more affordable and you can create your own homemade sticky substance. The Florida woodpeckers will feel comfortable once their feet have been soaked into this sticky substance. Before using this, be sure that the holes that the woodpeckers drilled are completely sealed. Once they feel uncomfortable, the activity of the woodpeckers will definitely be deterred.

Scaring the Woodpeckers
A good and simple deterrent would be shiny objects and visual deterrents that can scare the woodpeckers away. You can find something that will create a loud noise such as drums and shiny and reflective objects such as CDs. Aside from that; there are metallic objects such as mirrors and aluminum foils that will reflect lights.

Spray Deterrents
The spray repellents are commonly made from vinyl coatings that are non-toxic. Simply spray it on the area where the woodpeckers are creating holes. The woodpeckers will immediately realize that the surface comes with an undesirable smell and taste. These types of deterrents are commonly used on trees. You can also use home ingredients such as cayenne pepper. Once the Melbourne woodpecker tasted the strong and spicy taste of the cayenne pepper, they will probably choose to stay away from the area that you sprayed.

Garlic Oil
The garlic oil spray will work on different birds. You might want to try this method and find out if it can deliver the right solution for your woes. This will release a strong scent that can deter the bird activities. Unfortunately, it can also repel the insects that are beneficial to the environment. Furthermore, you will also be required to replace it numerous times since the scent will dissipate immediately in an outdoor environment.

Woodpeckers may create an undesirable mess. Fortunately, there are simple methods that you can use to take care of your problems. Nonetheless, these methods are only short-term solution. You may have to hire the assistance of the professionals to deliver a permanent solution to your bird infestation problem.

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